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Jensen Creative is a design + social media management company. It's our business to help you grow yours. We love helping dreamers get started but we can also help tested businesses update their image and reach a new audience. Not sure if we can help you? View all our services or contact us for a special project.

It’s very easy to be different, but very difficult to be better.
— Jony Ive

A Little About Us

Jensen Creative is an independent design and photography studio based in New York City. We specialize in branding, print design, web marketing, and photography. The creative minds behind the madness are, Creative Director/Lead Designer, Cody Jensen and, Writer/Editor, Sarah Jensen.  We love travel, a good book, street style, and most importantly, we love what we do. Assisting you in your business endeavors is our favorite challenge. Let's make it happen!

Cody Jensen - Creative Director

Cody Jensen - Creative Director

Some things you should know:

I believe in simplicity and excellence
I have been designing professionally since 2006
Building brands is one of my passions

Some things you don't need to know:

I have a difficult time throwing away Apple packaging
In fact, I never do
Efficiency is my language. The correct way is the most efficient way.

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Sarah Jensen - Writer/Editor

Some things you should know:

I value learning of all kinds.
I believe in experience and living an incredible story.
There are no words to describe how much I love words.
Writing is my favorite -

Some things you don't need to know:

I was born on Valentine's Day.
My favorite animal is the polar bear.
I love personality tests. (Myers-Briggs: INFJ. Birkman: 50% Blue & 50% Green)
Office supplies make me giddy.
I can't not buy books. It's physically impossible.


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